We take away the pain of hiring, so you can focus on finding the best talent

Graduate Surveyors is a leading online marketplace for those interested in a career within the built environment (construction, property, real estate, engineering, design & architecture). We focus on helping employers find the best candidates - interns, placement students, apprentices, graduates and experienced professionals across all built environment disciplines.

For employers, access to world leading talent is the single hardest aspect of hiring. So, we’ve taken away the pain of recruiting, so you can focus on finding the perfect candidate. Graduate Surveyors combines cutting edge technology, industry knowledge along with our global expertise to provide world class hiring support at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment.

We pre-screen each candidate, so you can concentrate on finding the perfect match. Our integrated platform allows you to easily search, shortlist, interview and hire candidates through our intuitive visual pipelines. This is more than just a ‘job-matching site’, we offer a user friendly, innovative and functional platform that simplifies the entire recruitment process whilst taking away all unnecessary admin, emails and paperwork!

For candidates, Graduate Surveyors provides a simple solution to get them hired first time round. We use elements of machine learning to make their profiles become more visible to hiring managers around the world. We go the extra mile by providing candidates with an online profile, printable resume and a video resume.

We understand that you may be busy, that’s why Graduate Surveyors is available on your desktop, tablet and mobile, so whether you’re behind a desk or on the go you will always be connected!

Shyam Visavadia is an ambitious tech-entrepreneur who has dedicated the past 10 years promoting opportunities within the built environment. He has been fortunate to deliver design and construction projects for some of the most reputable construction consultancy firms and public developers across UK, Europe and Middle East.

His enthusiasm and determination arise from his personal adversities securing work within the industry. He has since built a global network, inspired thousands of young people and created an influential social brand to help the generation of tomorrow.

His vision is to create the most intelligent, intuitive and integrated platform that will revolutionise the global marketplace. Rejection is of the past, let Graduate Surveyors take you on a journey to be the best!

Graduate Surveyors is more than just a job matching platform. Our ambition is to promote the industry to the next generation, create diversity within the profession and break down socio-economic, cultural and geographic barriers to create value within the global labour market.