Everything you need to know to find the perfect candidate

For Employers

Advertise to the global marketplace

Reach thousands of candidates by creating the perfect job vacancy. We take way unnecessary paper work, administration and inconvenience

    • Our templates help create the most effective job vacancies
    • Streamline and speed up your job advertising by managing all your tasks in one place
    • Boost visibility through integration with social media posting
    • Showcase the best of your company through your personalised profile page
    • Post straight to your social media channels
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For Employers

Job matching made easy

We use machine learning to help connect you to the best talent within the global marketplace

    • Source, shortlist, interview and hire at ease.
    • Use our manual search function or match automatically the best suited candidates
    • Parse through thousands of pre-screened profiles within seconds
    • Invite the best candidates or let them apply directly
    • Get to know your candidate through our integrated live chat room
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For Employers

You run the show

We streamline the job matching process by managing your tasks during and through each process

    • Use our intelligent application tracking process to manage the entire hiring process
    • Create custom pipelines suited to your recruitment needs
    • Our responsive design and custom templates allow you to hire with ease
    • Interview alone or with your team through our state-of-the-art video conferencing room
    • Make multiple offers through a click of a button
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For Employers

Welcome to the team

Now that the hard part is over, you can sit back, relax...and get your onboarding team to take care of the rest!

    • Say hello to your new HIRE!
    • Make direct contact with your candidate and welcome them onboard
    • Use our chat functionality to agree the next steps
    • Continue to grow your team with Graduate Surveyors
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Wait there's more...

Branded company page

Showcase the best of your company profile to potential recruits. This will help attract the best talent within the marketplace

Screening questions

Ask questions which will help identify the perfect candidate. We want you to find

Team Collaboration

Coordinating made simple. Our platform brings hiring managers, internal recruiters and their teams onto one platform

Scheduling Manager

Let our integrated scheduling manager take care of it. We will notify you when you have an interview scheduled. You just need to turn up on time!

Video Interviewing

Connect with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Interview using our integrated video conferencing room - and why not invite some of your colleagues too

Flexible Hiring

Whether you're looking for the perfect candidate or an entire team, we provide a fully customisable solution to meet your hiring needs